When to plant tomatoes and other vegetables from the sun?

When to plant tomatoes and other vegetables from the sun?

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An essential step: preparing the plants for planting

Before harvesting your tomatoes but also your zucchini and other eggplants, it is necessary to prepare your plants to be planted in your vegetable patch. Most of the plants we buy have spent their youth in a greenhouse, sheltered from climatic conditions.

It is therefore necessary to prepare them to undergo the wind, the heat of the sun's rays or even frost. This is called the hardening phase.

About two weeks before planting, remember to take out your plants two to three hours a day, then gradually increase the time until you can leave them outside day and night. This will allow them to gradually get used to the external conditions, and thus to ensure their good growth.

Is it possible to grow vegetables from the sun?

Of course ! If you choose your crops well and respect the products, you can very easily grow tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini and even peppers. The vegetables of the sun are grown at the end of the frosts and are eaten all summer. You should not deprive yourself of it!

How to properly plant your tomatoes?

To plant tomatoes (but also the other vegetables of the sun so it is question in our article), nothing too rocket science. You just have to be well equipped.

Here are the tools you need to take care of your plants and your vegetable patch:

  • a spade
  • a spade tote
  • a hand shovel
  • tutors
  • wheat straw (especially suitable for tomatoes)
  • composted manure or compost
  • watering can

In these dry times, it is important to limit the water requirements of your tomatoes. To do this, you just need to do a double digging to send the roots of the tomato plants deep.

Once your tomato plants are planted, cover the soil with wheat straw. The straw layer should be about 10cm thick.

When to plant tomatoes?

It mostly depends on where you live. The climate plays an important role in growing tomatoes.

If you live in a rather cool region, especially in the northern regions, in the east of France, in Normandy or in Brittany, you must wait until mid-May. On the banks of the Loire as here in Anjou, the tomato is cultivated from the beginning of May. In the south, the temperatures being milder, the tomato is cultivated from mid-April. There are many tomatoes.

If you want to consume it all summer, you must vary the plants and respect the seasonality of the products. Start with the so-called early tomatoes, then the seasonal and late tomatoes. To have good tomatoes, grow them under cover until summer is not well installed.

When to plant zucchini?

Zucchini is planted at the end of the frosts, throughout France. It is therefore generally necessary to wait until May to cultivate them. I advise you to do it during the May bridges.

Zucchini is a very fragile vegetable. Choose a sunny but above all sheltered location. As with tomatoes, vary the types of zucchini. And do not hesitate to consume the flowers, especially as donuts!

What about eggplant?

Eggplants are the most difficult vegetables to grow in the sun. In fact, eggplants need heat.

To have beautiful eggplants, you have to plant them at the end of May. If you do not live in the south, you must equip yourself with a greenhouse or a specific shelter. To allow the eggplants to grow well, the average temperature during the day must be above 25 ° C.

Let's finish with the peppers, when should we plant them?

Peppers and peppers, which are from the same family, are grown like eggplants, when the nights are mild and the frosts are over. If you do not live in the south, cultivation is done under shelter. Peppers need sun, heat and must be protected from the wind.


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