Know how to take photos to sell your property

Know how to take photos to sell your property

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Are you selling your home or second home? To attract the most potential buyers, you have to write a hard-hitting real estate ad and illustrate it well. The photos must be beautiful, well chosen and above all taken so as to enhance your property. Here are all our tips for taking pictures to sell your property well and the opinion of Carole Rochais, real estate agent at Immodream in the Angevin region.

Prepare your accommodation

Before taking the photos that will accompany the real estate ad that you want to appear, you must prepare your accommodation. Clean up, clear and de-clutter. Do the same in the garden, on the terrace, in the yard or on the balcony. Take care of the details. Remove the children's drawings from the fridge, hide the trash can in the kitchen, clear the kitchen worktops and bathroom furniture. If you want to put photos of the rooms, prefer sober ornaments and iron them.

Choose the right day

Wait for a sunny day to take a picture of your accommodation. Natural light is much better than flashes and artificial light sources. This instruction is particularly valid for outdoor spaces.

The right number of photos

Depending on the type of accommodation you have, there are a certain number of photos to respect. If you have a house, it is advisable to put 5 photos: a photo of the house, one of the garden, one of the living room, one of the kitchen and one of the bathroom. If one of your rooms has an asset, you can add a photo. If you live in an apartment, it is recommended to put 4 photos: one of the living room, one of the kitchen, one of the bathroom and one of one of the bedrooms. If you have a balcony or terrace, or if you live in a beautiful building, add photos of these assets.

Mistakes to avoid

Do not try to enlarge the rooms. Put yourself in a corner and try to have a photo that will highlight the room concerned. Do the same for the garden. And of course, do not touch up your photos! Avoid taking all the pictures. No need to show every corner of the house. If you have specific goods such as a collection, jewelry or musical instruments, do not show them. You risk attracting burglars and not future buyers. Finally, on the day of the visit, make sure that the house is in the same condition as in the photos!

Carole Rochais' pro board

Carole Rochais, real estate agent at Immodream, advises not to want to show everything. Prospective buyers should discover the property by visiting it.


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