The Hotpoint washing machine effective at 20 ° C

The Hotpoint washing machine effective at 20 ° C

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His name is Natis. The new Hotpoint washing machine arrives in France and will make noise. It is able to reduce the most stubborn stains at a temperature of barely 20 degrees. All is said !

High performance

It is impossible to imagine a washing machine removing more than 100 stains at 20 ° C. Hotpoint did it for you by creating NATIS, a new generation of washing machines. But to achieve this level of performance, the brand had a few years of work. If you had trouble removing stubborn tasks even at 60 degrees, you have the solution. Hotpoint combines two exclusive technologies to overcome this: - Digital Motion, a new induction motor which, thanks to this stirring technique, can produce ten different drum rotations in a single cycle to best activate the washing agents. - Direct Injection mixes water and detergent in a dedicated circuit. Suddenly, the foam gains 60% more cleaning power. This system thus guarantees a washing efficiency at 20 ° C comparable to a cycle at 40 ° C

And more…

Hotpoint did not do things by halves. Even if it means making a new washing machine, you might as well make it in a sleek design with lots of options. It therefore offers an extra large digital screen (with numbers) or LCD (with numbers, texts and pictograms) for easier reading of the programs. In addition, the program list appears when the detergent drawer is opened. Finally, the porthole vacuum handle allows smooth opening / closing.
Models from 7 to 10 kg from 399 to 699 €. More info on Hotpoint


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