80% of French gardeners

80% of French gardeners

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After Brin de Jardin, it is monEchelle.fr's turn to demonstrate the benefits of gardening thanks to an analysis conducted on 36,000 people. The French love nature and Garden Therapy is gaining more and more followers. It must be said that gardening has a positive impact on health, general well-being and morale. Here are more explanations…

What is Garden Therapy?

Garden therapy consists in exploiting the benefits of nature and gardening to heal, to fight against stress or simply to do good. Garden therapy includes simple and healthy activities such as small manual work, the awakening of the senses and the consumption of healthy, natural products and above all that one has cultivated oneself. As monEchelle.fr specifies in its study, the simple fact of walking barefoot in the grass is beneficial for the organism. This gesture improves blood circulation, improves perspiration, strengthens the feet and takes advantage of the electromagnetic forces present in the ground.

The monEchelle.fr study in a few figures

The monEchelle.fr study reveals some figures which prove that Garden Therapy is as appreciated as it is beneficial. The analysis shows that 87% of French people consider that nature, and therefore the garden, is a good place to relax. It also teaches us that 80% of French people need regular contact with nature, and that this contact is vital! Finally, when asked "How do you feel in a garden?", 55% of those questioned said that they felt relaxed and 26% were completely Zen.

How to benefit from Garden Therapy?

Do you also want to take advantage of Garden Therapy? If you are in a house, with a garden, spend more time outside. Garden, take off your shoes, lie down in the grass to read, etc. In general, make sure that your garden is always welcoming and as soon as possible, take your meals outside far from the screens. If you live in an apartment, bet on indoor plants and planters. Make your balcony a green setting and create planters for aromatics. And above all, as soon as you have the opportunity, go out and ventilate yourself in a park or in the countryside.


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