3 tips for planning and enjoying your outdoor kitchen

3 tips for planning and enjoying your outdoor kitchen

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With the arrival of sunny days and extended weekends, households tend to favor the garden and outdoor facilities. Among them, summer cooking is more and more popular! Innovative design, ever more sophisticated equipment, clever storage… The offer has grown in recent years, becoming at the same time an accessible dream for many French people. Between the pleasure of simmering small dishes in the sun, the proliferation of "turnkey" offers and the end of back and forth at home, the summer kitchen brings real daily comfort to which many families have already succumbed. If the models of kitchens are available today according to our desires, there are, however, pitfalls to avoid when buying or fitting out. has done the round for you.

Think about the right location

Setting up an outdoor kitchen initially involves choosing your location well. If you already have a garden shed, a shed or a shed with sufficient space, the problem does not arise. If this is not the case, it is necessary to consider the construction of a solid shelter to protect your equipment: indeed, the sun and the rain are the worst enemies of an outdoor kitchen! Think of the water and electricity connections, essential for the proper functioning of a kitchen: these represent a significant cost to add to your work budget.
Existing arrangements must also be taken into account: if you already have a swimming pool, for example, you should move the kitchen far enough from the pool to be able to circulate around it. Finally, choose carefully the type of floor on which you will put your kitchen, especially if you opt for a nomadic model. It must be flat and regular in order to accommodate your various elements without risking an accident.

Do not underestimate the area required

Take care not to underestimate the area necessary for your future kitchen: allow at least 10m2 for a fixed production, a figure below which it becomes difficult to arrange a practical and functional dining area. If you do not have such a surface in your garden, opt for the nomadic kitchen, smaller, and often offered in the form of modules to combine.

Take care of your equipment

Like any accessory subject to the vagaries of the weather, the summer kitchen must be perfectly protected during the winter season. Nomadic handsets will be stored in the cellar or under a shelter. If you have a fixed kitchen, don't forget to cover the sink, the grill and the worktop when the fall comes, after having thoroughly cleaned them. You will be delighted to find them ready to use once the beautiful season has started!


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