I want a fountain in my garden

I want a fountain in my garden

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The soft sound of water, the charm of the object, the symbol of life it represents ... Installing a fountain in your garden is becoming trendy again. Discover our tips for choosing and installing it. Shape, style, material, operation, installation, trends, color: all criteria to take into consideration before installing a fountain in your garden, on your terrace or even on a small balcony. From the old model in stone or lead to new creations in metal, zinc or composite materials, the charm always works ... it's the magic of moving water!

The spectacle of water ... bewitching

According to Laurent Renault, the author of the book Small pools and fountains (Rustica editions), there are several types of fountains, in reference to the different ways of water spouting: bubbling water like a source with foaming jet effect; overflowing water like a river or stream; leaping water like a waterfall; gushing water like a geyser… Eric Lenoir, the author of Simply create a garden pond (Ulmer editions), also adds the multi-jet effect, and the 'crow's feet / duckbill' effect: the water comes out "flat" in the form of several jets or a falling fan blade. Find in their books all the explanations for the technical implementation of each of these scenarios.
The shape of the fountain itself will highlight the dance of the water… In a sphere, in a cylinder, in Provencal or modern style, Zen, wall or independent, in the shape of a barrel, in imitation wood, in the shape of a statuette, of mermaid or buddha, in natural cascade, in cascade with three basins, in simple granite or stone post with a tap, with or without water collection basin, in concrete, in cubic or oval zinc… There are very many models of fountains to adapt to the style of your garden! Count a hundred euros for the first prices up to 500 € and more.

Ready to install or manufacture?

The simplest solution is to buy a wall-mounted fountain ready to install, in a closed circuit or equipped with a water supply. It can be placed directly on the pavement if the location is provided, on a balcony or terrace; or it will require the creation of a base if its location is provided in the garden. "All places can therefore be considered for the installation of a fountain, provided you master the technical elements, such as the concealment of the pipes and the pump," explains Laurent Renault in his book. Small pools and fountains . Another possibility: you can imagine a custom shape, and opt for a stone or engineered stone model to build - the engineered stone being made of crushed rock mixed with binder and some natural dyes, then molded into polyurethane molds or silicone to make the impression of a real stone. Its main advantage: it is not frost-resistant. Brands like Carré d'Arc or Bradstone, for example, offer pre-designed models of small fountains to assemble (like here or here). Or you can create the shape you want using modular blocks - choose a simple, natural shape to make it durable and always appreciated. Then arrange the bottom with a liner and with a pump, and also provide a filter to purify the water. Finally, the design can be entrusted to a landscape gardener.

Trends: design and / or solar

Among the fountains that are particularly trendy at the moment, design fountains are at the top of preferences: for example those signed by the French brand Laorus, in colored metal and designed by Patrick Nadeau. They are inspired by traditional rural fountains and revisit them with modernity and elegance. In the ecological trend, solar fountains are starting to appear. Without electrical connection or water supply, they generally operate in a closed circuit. In a few years, you will no doubt be able to choose this option even in the north of France! Because for the moment, they are only really interesting and autonomous in the south where the sky is sufficiently clear and sunny all year long for its sensors to work at best. Finally, if you are a fan of DIY ("handmade"), and you want to customize a barrel, a basin, or any other container that is mottled or recovered to make an original fountain, there are also small stakes for sale. solar fountains to install inside (like here). And of course, decorate your fountain with small aquatic plants or colored spots (you can even find fountains equipped with LEDs), to create a personalized atmosphere! Find out more:
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