Seaside style at the table at a low price!

Seaside style at the table at a low price!

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Following our desires for a seaside holiday, the table decor has anchored off the Atlantic. On the program: an atmosphere of shellfish and crustaceans on a navy blue background which gives us the impression of having lunch feet in the water. No need to ruin yourself, this luxury is affordable at low prices! Manual. First stage to give a seaside look to our table decor: dress it in blue! Impossible to miss the dress code when the decor is directly inspired by the sea. With a plain tablecloth, striped or even tie and dye ... or with placemats or a table runner, it's as simple Hello ! Second step : choose dishes, also in the theme. Blue and white, with "anchor" prints, in the shape of fish or shells… you are spoiled for choice. Do not be afraid of the total look, it works perfectly provided you choose rather plain pieces or with discreet patterns. Third step : add marine decorative elements like rope placemats, a shell-shaped vase, a boat lantern and a few candles in the shape of starfish. Finally, fourth step : accessorize with items picked up by the sea. Fine sand and driftwood can perfectly create an original centerpiece in a jar or in a glass column. Shells can be used to support your cutlery or place cards. Come on, just a little effort, and you're on vacation by the sea without having to move from home!
1. The Original Feuerhand black storm lamp, € 28.90 at La Redoute / 2. The cotton tablecloth with marine motif, € 12.99 at Zara Home / 3. The starfish candle, € 10 at Mon Droguiste / 4 The MARINIÈRE striped flat plate in porcelain, € 23.94 at Maisons du Monde / 5. The ceramic fish vase, € 19.99 at Zara Home / 6. The blue fish-shaped dish Matador, € 18.90 at Alinéa / 7. The 3 Lobster placemats, € 17.95 at Zazzle / 8. The 3 blue glass bubble cups, € 10.99 at Maisons du Monde


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