How to keep your house clean?

How to keep your house clean?

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How to keep the house clean? Vast question… What do your dog / cat / child / spouse think? No, we laugh, we don't want you to argue ... Quite the contrary, we offer a small guide to download to see more clearly with household chores and their recurrence. Whether you like cleaning or not - raise your hand! - you have to admit: you feel better in a clean and tidy house. In this period of spring cleaning, it is good to keep this in mind! That said, you are forbidden to feel guilty because of the cleaning! We suggest you download our super guide to find out what to clean in your home and how often. With this little guide, promised, household chores make you feel like less of a daily burden. And this to-do list helps empower the whole family!

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Now don't forget: if you can't check all the tasks on this list, we won't hold it against you. No one is perfect, what matters is to participate! And you will be able to enjoy your house - almost - clean and - almost - tidy!

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