Summer sowing in the vegetable garden: I am preparing the harvests for this autumn

Summer sowing in the vegetable garden: I am preparing the harvests for this autumn

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Stock up on vitamins to face winter: choose your summer seedlings wisely and harvest good vegetables in the fall. It was at Gamm Vert, in Cour-Cheverny, that we gathered Joël's advice for a well-supplied vegetable garden this fall. Radishes, lamb's lettuce, beets and many other wonders from the garden can be harvested in October to delight the taste buds of the whole family.

Isn't the summer season too hot for successful planting in the vegetable patch?

On the contrary, it is a good time to prepare for the fall harvests because the vegetable garden has gradually emptied of its summer vegetables. You therefore have room for sowing from July to August. And there is no lack of choice: there is something for everyone. But to be successful with your fall vegetables, start by preparing your vegetable garden to welcome the new seeds.

What are the essential tasks to prepare the vegetable soil before summer sowing?

The important thing is to have a clean vegetable patch, that is to say without weeds, roots and pebbles. Just pass the claw to make a new place without necessarily going deep because the earth, at that time, is quite easy to work.

Do we have to fertilize the vegetable soil before the summer seeds are planted?

Yes you can give your seedlings a boost. Past harvests have probably depleted the soil. Have a light hand: an organic fertilizer at the rate of a handful per square meter should be enough.

What vegetables to sow for fall salads?

Very refreshing and very crunchy, the radish - round or long - is essential for salads but also appetizers because it cheerfully replaces the eternal salty peanuts! And the kids love it. It is also the friend of novice gardeners because it requires little maintenance and grows very quickly. Do not bury the seeds deeply. Simply cover them with a little loose soil. Combine it with mash rich in vitamin C. It is sown on the fly or online until the end of September and is harvested throughout the fall and winter.

Beet and carrots can be sown in summer?

For a harvest until November, sow your beets until late July early August. Sow in rows 2 cm deep and remember to leave a space of around 30 cm between two rows. As for carrots, they can be sown in the open ground in summer for a harvest in autumn.

What varieties of beans are sown in the summer for a fall harvest?

In anticipation of the first hotpot in the fall, when the temperatures start to drop, of course take advantage of the summer to sow beans! The snap and the bean to be shelled are to be sown until July for a harvest from October. Indulge yourself with sorrel, ideal in soup and in a sauce to accompany a steamed salmon. Besides, sorrel may well be the star of your vegetable garden! It is sown in July-August for a harvest in November and the following years.