My decorative shopping for an industrial type kitchen

My decorative shopping for an industrial type kitchen

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The industrial style, in vogue for a few years, is particularly successful in the kitchen. Do you also want to have the "indus touch" without breaking the bank? No problem ! creates a small shopping selection for industrial cuisine. Accessories, furniture, materials, we tell you everything about the industrial style in the kitchen. First step: play with the materials! Metal, certainly essential to the industrial style, goes well with stainless steel and wood to bring a little warmth to your decor. The ideal combination? A central stainless steel island and a wooden storage unit. In short, we are playing the mix and match card, very decorative in an industrial kitchen! For your floors, swap the parquet for brick or concrete. And don't forget the colors! Mix sober shades with more neutral colors like linen, beige or taupe. Second step: the objects. We choose them disproportionate, typical of the industrial style, such as an imposing suspension or a large shelf, to be used as a pantry. We also dress our windows with gray or black blinds. Finally, a trash can and a large wall clock will complete your industrial decor.
1. New York double-sided retro station clock, € 22.99 at Vidaxl 2. Apollo Gardening metal trash can, € 77 at Amazon 3. Manaka high bar table, € 299 at Alinea 4. Metal pendant lamp at Factory Chehoma, 289 € at Decoclico 5. Lys kitchen trolley on casters, € 279 at Alinea 6. Steel stool with Twist screw, € 89 at Tousmesmeubles.


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