DIY kids: make a pretty fox decoration for my pencils

DIY kids: make a pretty fox decoration for my pencils

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Here is a cute idea to amuse children who can dress up the mouthpiece with all their favorite pencils. The making is not in itself very difficult but it will take thoroughness to cut and assemble all the elements which are a bit small: a hand of a grown-up person will therefore not be too much to carry out this nice decoration workshop of pencil. To facilitate the work, the ermine offers you a template ready to print that will allow your children to easily reproduce the little fox head, but you can just as easily decline this idea with other animal heads: a small dog, a small rabbit, a small lion ... Nothing too complicated to imagine, and so the decorations of pencils for your children will be varied!


- coupons of fine felt (approx. 2 mm) in color: orange, light orange, and white - a piece of black felt or a piece of black foam paper - 2 movable eyes - special fabric glue - a template to download here


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