How to secure a swimming pool?

How to secure a swimming pool?

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The swimming pool is a place where accidents are numerous. To remedy this, very strict safety standards were created with the 2003 law. Indeed, young children, escaping the vigilance of their parents and attracted by water, do not see a danger there. potential. These standards have been put in place to offer solutions to avoid an accidental fall in the basin. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation works for a swimming pool construction


Since this law of 2003, your swimming pool must be equipped with a protection system for children. The simplest principle chosen is often the alarm. It is also the most economical in general. Be careful, however, that it complies with standard NF P 90-307. Your alarm must therefore have sufficient sound power to reach the house, be able to operate continuously while resisting temperatures between -25 ° C and + 70 ° C, and must not be able to be deactivated by a child. There are immersed alarms, detecting a fall of a child from 6 kg, or infrared terminals securing a perimeter. It is necessary that they operate on battery in order not to undergo a power cut.

Protective barriers

You will be able to install barriers, whether fixed, removable or even retractable, all around your pool to limit access. For good protection, the latter must reach a height of at least one meter ten in order to prevent a child under the age of five from climbing it. You will complete this barrier with a gate which will allow you easy access to your swimming pool but which, thanks to its security system, either by closing with a key, or by the presence of a security latch placed high, will not allow children to enter without the help of an adult.

Tarpaulins and shelters

Another possibility of securing your swimming pool, reinforced tarpaulins, roller shutters or even shelters, will prove effective for children's weights. However, these protections will not be of any use when, in fine weather, you wish to leave your swimming pool open. However, associated with a good alarm system, these tarpaulins provided with reinforcements will guarantee the safety of a child offering you a few more seconds to intervene and thus avoid the worst. It will, however, be necessary that this type of material cannot be handled by the child and that there is no risk for it to seep underneath. The closure system must therefore be secured. Anyway, the first safety is to make sure that your young children are well equipped with their armbands when they are near the swimming pool. Finally, do not forget that some water treatment products are toxic and must be kept out of their reach.