A facelift to my corridor for less than 200 euros

A facelift to my corridor for less than 200 euros

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Whether it is past, dated, or even a bit dated, the decor of your hallway no longer pleases you at all and you want to change it, without exploding your budget. No problem, the editorial staff entrusts you with its decor tips and tricks to give a facelift to your corridor, without breaking the bank. Follow the guide !

Repaint the walls: 50 euros a liter pot, on average + 7.95 euros a set of 6 brushes

First step in the makeover of your corridor: painting. Because it's the color of your walls that you really can't stand anymore, opt for natural shades. Ideal for creating a space that is both warm and welcoming.

Photo credit: Dulux Valentine

Lay a new resistant floor: 7.99 euros per m2 or 47.94 euros for a 6m2 corridor

Second step: the soil. Place of passage par excellence, the corridor prefers resistant and easy-to-maintain floors to more fragile floors. So we opt for vinyl type models, modern, design and really very easy to clean.

Photo credit: Saint Maclou

Install a space saving shelf: 49 euros

Once the walls are painted and the new floor has been laid, we move on to the decor and have fun! And in the corridor, we are saving space to optimize the space as much as possible. To do this, we install pretty shelves, like this Nordic spirit model, mixing metal and wood.

Photo credit: AM PM

Add a graphic carpet: 9.99 euros each

On the ground, we invest in long rugs, really perfect for lengthening and enlarging the room. Decorative advice? Choose rugs with graphic patterns, trends and design, which will give style to your space.

Photo credit: / Conforama

Have a decorative mirror: 29.95 euros

Final touch of the makeover of your corridor: add a large full-length mirror. In addition to enlarging the room, this decorative object allows you to take a look at your outfits, and, thus, always be on top!

Photo credit: Ikea


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