Around paper: make your own embellishments

Around paper: make your own embellishments

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There are endless possibilities to make your own embellishments, and this, with very different materials. With a little imagination and curiosity, you will see that very many supports can be worked, modified, assembled, diverted to become real small decorations for your creations of creative leisure activities. Without going far, with simple pieces of paper and a few scrapbooking tools, you will see that it is not necessarily necessary to buy ready-made embellishments to decorate your pages and cards.

Magic tools: hole punches and inks

Flowers, butterflies, hearts, stars, letters are ultra patterns used to decorate cards! Never mind ! Opt for small hole punches to cut this kind of shape from a little thick paper and create a large quantity. Then, you will discover that there are a number of incredible inks and products to dress them up according to your desires. For a smooth and volume rendering, you can for example coat your shapes with slow-drying inks and add embossing powder, which once heated, will take on volume and a pretty color and texture, all smooth. For an ultra glossy effect in volume, you will also find the glossy accents product, Inkessentials collection from Ranger. If you like pretty cracked effects, think of the Distress Crakles paint product (also from Ranger) and if you have a Christmas card, don't hesitate to use the snow tex product from DécoArt, guaranteed snow effect! These are just some of the many examples you can get ...

Make your own designs

Although there are a multitude of perforators giving shapes of all kinds, you may want to create your own patterns yourself. Again, nothing is impossible! Do you want to create a butterfly all your own? Have fun drawing your butterfly, and engraving a stamp from this drawing, using a block of eraser and some small gouges. With a little patience and dexterity, you will get the butterfly of your dreams, you can then stamp it, cut it and apply it, why not embossing powder to give it a nice relief ... and here is another 100% embellishment handcrafted! Now it's up to you to discover the multiple possibilities and experience the art of embellishment!