How to replace a toilet flush?

How to replace a toilet flush?

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If your flush is defective, it must be replaced quickly, so that it does not show up on your water bill. To do this, you need to get a universal kit and follow these few steps. Find more articles on the theme: Plumbing work quotes

Remove the cover and the old flush system

Before starting any intervention, make sure to cut off the water supply which is located on one of the sides of the tank and activate the flush to empty the latter. Remove the cover after unscrewing the pull tab, or remove the wire if it is a press button. Place the cover on a cloth in a safe place. Use an open-end wrench or an adjustable wrench to unscrew the nut that joins the water supply to the filling system. Also unscrew the nut from the float valve and remove it. Finally, remove the old mechanism.

Remove the seal from the flush tank

Unscrew the nuts that hold the tank on the toilet bowl, then remove the screws by taking it from the top. Then carefully lift the tank and place it on the ground. Remove the old gasket, then using the special key supplied with the kit, unscrew the tank fasteners. Carefully clean the tank and the flush cover, then reposition the tank. Tighten the nuts of the new fixing system using the special pliers, then install the new seal. Position the tank mounting screws, replace the tank, and then tighten the mounting nuts.

Reposition the float valve and install the new flush

Put a seal on the thread of the float valve which you will then slide into the hole located on one side of the tank. After placing the float fixing nut, tighten the valve nut in which you will have placed a fiber joint. Finish by tightening with a wrench. You just have to install the new flush. To do this, adjust the mechanism according to the height of your tank, place it on its base and fix it by turning it a quarter of a turn clockwise. Then replace the cover, as well as the flush control system. Open the water supply again and wait for the flush to fill. Adjust the float using the screw provided. Test the flush, if it works properly, all you have to do is replace the tank cover, as well as the control button or the pull tab.


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