Which heat pump to choose?

Which heat pump to choose?

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A new heating or air conditioning device in line with the logic of sustainable development, the heat pump is about to dethrone the traditional heating installations of recent years. Heat pumps can also heat a swimming pool, cool or cool a home. Here are some tips to help you choose the right model. Find more articles on the theme: Quote heating works

The different heat pump devices

Air-air pumps They extract heat from the outside atmosphere to transfer it to the room that you want to heat or cool by returning it in the form of propelled air. Cheaper than the other models, which are simple to install in homes and apartments, they act as both heaters and air conditioners. Air-water pumps Air-water heat pumps extract heat from the outside air to conduct it in a hydraulic system to heat floors and ceilings or to supply radiators. The air / water heat pump extracts energy from the outside air and releases it by heating water in the same way as a boiler. This system adapts to the heating systems already installed, in particular to water radiators. It heats, cools and provides domestic hot water. Water-water pumps Water-to-water heat pumps recover external heat through a hydraulic circuit directly connected to the ground or a water table serving as a heat source. The installation requires the presence of a water point and the drilling of boreholes to collect and discharge water. The geothermal heat pump, soil / water and soil / soil The installation of the geothermal heat pump requires a large outdoor space because of the calorie sensors. These sensors can be horizontal in the form of long polyethylene tubes buried in the garden taking up a lot of space or vertical, like probes up to 100 meters deep and require drilling. A fluid circulates in these sensors to absorb calories and lead them to the ground heat pump.

The criteria for purchasing a heat pump

Before deciding, take into account the type of accommodation, the number of occupants and the outdoor area. If your garden is non-existent or too small, geothermal pumps will be excluded. An air / air heat pump is more suitable for small areas. The region's climate is of great importance. In an area that is too cold, in harsh winters, the air / air heat pump is not efficient enough. You will have to take into account the presence and type of heating already installed, the diffusion system and determine the compatibility of the installation of a heat pump. A heat pump must have obtained NF PAC certification, and must display a coefficient of performance (COP) greater than 3. The COP represents the ratio between the thermal energy supplied by the pump and the electrical energy consumed. With a COP of 3, a heat pump that produces 3kWh of heating will consume 1 kWh of electricity.

To make a good choice, ask for a quote

An estimate is required to get an idea of ​​the prices charged by the installers and to determine the most suitable heat pump. The criterion to be taken into account will be the COP. A COP of 3 indicates an energy supplied by the pump 3 times greater than its consumption. For a single room, of standard surface, a "mono-split" heat pump is preferable. It is a simple system acting as heating or air conditioning, not involving heavy work. To heat several rooms, choose "multi-split" devices which are used either as heating or air conditioning. This more expensive device induces the installation of pipes intended to restore heat throughout the home.


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