Santa's reindeer set the scene

Santa's reindeer set the scene

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The omnipresence of reindeer in Christmas tales can also be found in our holiday decoration. On the tree, on the table and even in the garden, they ring their bells. Zoom on 7 decorative objects that we adopt at the end of the year.

The little story of Christmas reindeer

How long have we associated reindeer with Christmas? You will be surprised to learn that the legend began in the early 19th century ... in the poem of a New York printer, William Gilley! And this is only the beginning. Because 50 years later, one of his friends, Clement Clarke Moore feeds the myth in another poem, this time by assigning a name to each of the reindeer. It is precisely one of them, Rudolphe, who will subsequently become the most famous thanks to a story by Robert L. May, followed by a song in 1949, his bright red nose having earned him the place of guide. of the herd. Since then, it is hard to imagine a Christmas without reindeer! It is that we even hasten to stock up on accessories in their image to extend the pretty story…

Patterns and decorative objects in the shape of reindeer

On the shopping side, we spotted for you a small series of reindeer who came to magnify the decoration of the holidays! At Alinéa, the reindeer take the form of snow-white decorative sculptures. They can also be found printed on a collection of plates on the Zazzle e-shop. In the Gifi stocks, they become luminous objects while at Zara Home, their silhouette invests the decorations of the tree and the candle jars in traditional red and white colors. As for the stickers found at Delamaison, we give them a 20/20…
1. The Christmas deer decorations, € 2.90 at Maisons du Monde / 2. The bright wicker reindeer, € 49.90 at Alinéa / 3. The set of 6 wooden reindeer decorations, € 5.99 at Zara Home / 4. The red deer Christmas window sticker, € 7.90 at Capitaine Déco / 5. The luminous reindeer, € 9.99 at Gifi / 6. The reindeer plate, € 24.95 at Zazzle / 7. The reindeer tealight , € 6.99 at Zara Home


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