In red and black, raclette and fondue at Brandt

In red and black, raclette and fondue at Brandt

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The end of year celebrations are fast approaching, they are accompanied by meals with family or friends. During these privileged moments, nothing like a good meal full of conviviality and the raclette and the fondue stand out as the essentials of winter! Thanks to Brandt, they now display a contemporary and colorful design with new devices that are as playful as they are aesthetic. Do you want to discover the culinary friendliness according to Brandt? Here is an overview of the raclette and fondue makers.

Raclette table runner

Do you have a rectangular table? You'll love the table runner raclette. This squeegee is a two-part device connected by an electric wire. Each of these parts has 4 pans. So if you are only 2 or 4, you can connect only one device. With family or friends, you add the second. The table runner is two-tone, red and black. It is very modern and very practical. Indeed, it is possible to keep your processed cheese at temperature thanks to a honeycomb coating which redistributes part of the heat. The different elements are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher. Brandt, raclette runner table runner RAC2X4NR (75 euros)

The round raclette

For the holidays, Brandt is also releasing a brand new model of traditional raclette. This model is round, so it adapts to tables of the same shape. It is a raclette that has style thanks to a modern design and trendy colors. The device is perfect for large tables since it has 8 pans. As with the table runner, it is possible to keep your processed cheese warm thanks to a honeycomb coating placed above the appliance. And of course, all of the items are dishwasher safe. Brandt, RAC800NR round squeegee machine (50 euros)

The fondue

To complete the user-friendly series, Brandt also released a fondue machine. Thanks to a family size, the device can accommodate 8 guests. Indeed, it has a capacity of 2 liters, enough to make an excellent Burgundy fondue, a Savoyard fondue, a Chinese fondue or, for the most gourmet, a chocolate fondue. This diversity is made possible thanks to excellent management and distribution of heat throughout the tank. The fondue set is also red and black and its design is as simple as it is elegant. And good news, its components are also dishwasher safe! To put under the tree or to enjoy good, warm and delicious winter dishes, Raclette and Fondue Brandt will seduce you. Brandt, FON800NR fondue set (60 euros)
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