I want a simple garden

I want a simple garden

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Also known asherbularius , the simple garden appeals to plant enthusiasts and more particularly all those who wish to have natural remedies at all times. Thehortus medicus returns to the taste of the day with its medicinal plants capable of relieving small sores and various ailments with ease. This is why we wanted to know more about the garden of singles from our favorite gardener, Charly de Jardiland.

Can we say that a simple garden is a medicinal garden?

Absolutely. This is one of the many names we give to this type of plant space. As proof, the simple garden interests scientists: a lot of research is carried out to discover the health benefits of medicinal plants. These plants have not yet revealed all their secrets!

When did the first imples gardens date back?

The existence of the simple garden dates back to ancient Rome. It is also a garden which later fascinated the monks in the Middle Ages. Medicinal plants were grown there and used to prepare remedies. Nowadays, many perfectly preserved simple old gardens can be visited. This is the case for those of Bordeaux and Nantes, for example, whose creation dates back to 1629 and 168 respectively. Phytotherapy is not new! Simple gardens have been restored quite recently and are open to the public like the Orsan Priory Garden, which is only about twenty years old.

Can anyone set up a medicinal garden?

Of course, it is an activity in tune with the times. We come back to simple things, and we all want to have plants capable of relieving many ailments. Healing plants, soothing, digestive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and many others ... It is a kind of apothecary shop at home that allows you to benefit from the countless virtues that nature offers us.

What plants to choose for a simple garden?

Reserve a small corner of your garden to create a square of singles. In this herbularius , cultivate laurel, sage, thyme. Lemon balm and rosemary will also find their place. Fenugreek, mint, savory, chamomile, calendula, sagebrush and lavender are other plants to install in a simple garden. Aromatic or medicinal, simple garden plants will be of great use to you every day. Nothing prevents you from growing saffron, fennel, horseradish and garlic at the same time if you are passionate about cooking.

How to succeed in a simple garden?

You just have to meet all the conditions necessary for the growth of the medicinal plants you have chosen. Choice of quality seeds or plants, adequate light and sunshine, soil sufficiently rich in nutrients, suitable watering. Not all singles have the same needs. Also be aware that some plants are poisonous. So take the time to learn about each of the plants that you want to grow in your single garden and take advantage of all their riches.


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