Test of the Schumann Professional Moo've "stone" effect pan

Test of the Schumann Professional Moo've "stone" effect pan

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Here is an opportunity for me to come back to the case of stone stoves (or rather stone effect) with a new test. At the end of March, I had indeed tested actu: 740881 a pan from the Stoneline brand, which allowed me to know a little more about these new non-stick materials and how they work. Some time later, the Schumann Professional brand contacted me to offer to test a brand new range in their series of stoves with "stone" coating. This time I think I have - almost - understood everything about these famous stoves and their coating and I am no longer impressed by this designation of stone which suggests that Michelangelo himself would have cut your cooking utensil from granite. Regarding the pan tested, the Moo've by Schumann Professional, it is a cast aluminum product with a Greblon coating. It becomes fun when we discover that the Greblon is actually an alloy of ceramic and PTFE and therefore that these "stone" stoves should rather be advertised as "ceramic" stoves (the ceramic is visible in the form of small white dots ). However, I would like to point out that at the level of Schumann Professional and the information given on their site or in their catalog, the brand does not play on a deceitful effect and explains well that Greblon is a stone-like coating whose term only refers '' hardness, resistance and appearance of the coating.
In a document from the INRS (National Institute for Research and Security) of 2002, Greblon is already cited as a ceramic matrix and whose alimentarity is recognized by the main international regulations. The fact remains that if you want a product without PTFE, Greblon is not for you (even if so far the toxicity of PTFE has not been really proven). As a precaution, this pan can be placed in the oven, we will not exceed 180 ° C even if the brand allows it to be used up to 230 ° C. In terms of use, the Moo've range from Schumann Professional is pretty well thought out. Firstly because it includes a glass cover which I find very practical not only for cooking but also when I have to keep food in a pan after cooking because I always prefer that it is covered at the same time to keep heat but also to protect it. This pan is also equipped with a removable handle whose handle is made of silicone. I appreciate the removable side for storage, however the handle indicated as ergonomic is very heavy and bulky. Finally it spoils the pleasure of storage a bit because it needs a drawer large enough to store it. With an advertised price of € 39 and as many accessories, we are still quite surprised and we can wonder if the product will really last over time.
In terms of wear, the pan has been used much more regularly than the previous one, the Stoneline. She was also mistreated since I was sick and other people cooked for me without taking certain precautions such as not using metallic objects. Suddenly the pan has obviously suffered and it has traces of micro-scratches. I cannot complain since there is an apparent defect in use. On the other hand I am a little more critical with regard to the removable handle since the button to clip presents a wear which I find premature thus the protection of the silicone button is peeled off. However given the price, I did not expect a product with impeccable finishes either if I have to compare for example with my Cristel stove which still costs between 140 and 150 €. Let's not be naive either!
Finally, here is the essential video test for you to discover this pan in action. Schumann Profesionnel, Frying pan 24 cm, Moo've collection, € 39 Prepare your summer by selecting your new plancha with our price comparison!


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