The Fissler Q range, silicone power

The Fissler Q range, silicone power

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Good news for lovers of silicone kitchen accessories, Fissler is launching its new Q range! On the menu of novelties: more than ten utensils ranging from the spatula to the grater through a clever cover. If they make us crack, it is partly thanks to their material, silicone, ideal for cooking and simplified cleaning.

A practical and clever range

Fissler is the German market leader in stainless steel kitchen utensils but is today innovating by creating an all-silicone range. This new table service has been designed to facilitate handling thanks to the conical shape of the utensils. which can be hung from a bar thanks to their eyelets integrated into the handle. The icing on the cake: the whole range is dishwasher safe. The Q range offers a quartet useful on a daily basis for food lovers, consisting of tongs, a spoon, a ladle and a spatula. Convenient for stirring and serving without scratching the pots or the non-stick coating of the pans! Price: 35 to 39.90 euros

And an easy to use grater

Fissler offers in its new range a grater with two grid sizes to grate cheese, lemon and nutmeg. The good grip of the grater is ensured by the silicone handles. Price: 35 euros.

Multifunctional cover

This multifunction lid has four interchangeable elements for grating vegetables (3 kinds of grater) and to protect from splashes. Its use is simple: just clip the selected item into the large red cover and voila. The set can then be placed on a pan or on a bowl. (Price: 119 euros).

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