The same for less: a wood stove

The same for less: a wood stove

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The craze of wood stoves is not about to stop! And for good reason, with the rising prices of gas and electricity, they become the new allies to heat themselves without spending fortunes. The only snag is that their purchase price can quickly reach peaks, as shown by our favorite model unearthed at Castorama. The editorial staff therefore set out to find him a twin for less than 1000 euros. Successful bet ! Log or pellet, the wood stove combines aesthetics and ecological comfort. In addition to being very effective in the home, it brings a real aesthetic touch thanks to ever more design and worked models. They have no problem today fitting into the decor of our contemporary interiors. If there are all shapes and sizes, we let ourselves be charmed by the curved model which can take place along a wall as well as in the middle of a room, to separate the living room from the dining area for example. After discovering the Supra Ottawa stove at Castorama for more than 1100 euros, we decided to find a model like it at a more affordable price. And so it was at Leroy Merlin that we found the Aduro stove, 200 euros cheaper, and with an equally modern and refined aesthetic. So, ready to succumb to the charm of the wood stove at home?

The SUPRA Ottawa 6kW wood stove at Castorama at € 1199 / The ADURO 1-2 wood stove 6kW at Leroy Merlin at € 990


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