Tutorial: making ethnic garlands

Tutorial: making ethnic garlands

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Caroline likes to challenge herself. So, once a quarter, she launches the challenge of presenting new creations around a color on Le Plus Bel Âge, her pretty blog where she also shares her moods, her favorites and her beautiful ideas. Today, she shares with us one of her creations around what she calls "non-color": white. If you are told "white" you think of ... snow? No, missed. Paper ? Won! Cardstock to be precise, which you will learn to transform into pretty ethnic garlands. Because yes, ethnic patterns in a refined style, it is possible. In fact, it's even downright canon! duration : about 1 hour Cost : around 4 €


You will need: - Sheets of white and gold card stock (or kraft) - The patterns created by Caroline to download here: patterns - A pencil - Scissors - White sewing thread - A sewing machine - A "round hole punch " if you have


1. Download and print the patterns or transfer the shapes onto grid paper to create your own templates. Tip: the rafters are designed to fit together to make the entire surface of the paper profitable. As for triangles, the easiest way is to draw them with a chain using a square. 2. Trace and / or transfer the shapes to the card stock as many times as you like (the number of pieces will determine the length of the garland), then cut them out.
3. Sew the shapes in the sewing machine (straight stitch 2) in an order that you will have previously defined, making sure to leave a small space between each piece to prevent them from overlapping. Remember to leave a minimum of 15 centimeters of wire at the ends so that you can hang the garland.


And here you are, you have just made ethnic garlands for a mini budget! The idea of ​​sewing its paper garlands is also to keep, the rendering is really very professional! You can also use paper of the color of your choice! Even if, there is not to say, the association of ethnic patterns with white and gold, we love it!

Thanks to Caroline from the blog Le Plus Bel Âge for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your pretty garlands on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!


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