Visit: Laurence's garden in Beaujolais

Visit: Laurence's garden in Beaujolais

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When Laurence interior decorator in Villefranche sur Saône and her husband discovered this magnificent golden stone property in the heart of Beaujolais, they did not hesitate for a moment. They are immediately seduced by the charm, the soul of this house but also by the vast garden, the dominant terrace with a view of the village surrounded by its dovecote and majestic lime trees.

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A living garden

The very sloping terrain requires significant earthwork. Massifs and living spaces are created in order to accommodate these constraints and even take advantage of them. The project is entrusted to Emile Poirier from the Alchemille company. "My priority was to respect the character of the house and also to exploit the whole garden. Any corner must be worthy of interest and invite you to walk there."
Photo credit: Thierry Rousseau This is how a pond legitimately finds its place at the end of the property which is accessed by crossing a succession of spaces. "I create gardens to live in, not to show," he says. "This is why I questioned and discussed at length with the owners about their habits, their desires, their tastes in terms of plants, colors, scents ... As in decoration, the project is built with them."

Photo credit: DR First observation for Emile Poirier, if the entrance is through the side gable of the house, for him it is imperative to highlight the main facade and organize the garden according to this parameter. Like a drawn English garden, the refined esplanade hosts many box trees, and a beautiful lawn constituting a real element of decoration, a little touch in contrast to the gravel whose proportions are reversed. The shapes are soft, curved. Two trimmed boxwood frame the door to highlight the entrance on the facade side.
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Hydrangeas, old roses…

The walk naturally extends according to a traffic plan which invites you to pass between two hedges of hedges intended to join to form an arch. This gives access to a first space dedicated to hydrangeas. Paniculata, quercifolia, macrophylla… coexist harmoniously. A unity only disturbed by the presence of climbing roses that dress the wall and perfume the garden. A second space is discovered separated from a new hedge of hedges. The old rose dominates around the central basin. Here symmetry is essential. Small, medium and large roses follow one another. At their feet, perennial white geraniums delicately cover the ground. The charm operates and the scents invite us to extend our visit. But our eyes are drawn to the pond with water lilies which stands out at the bottom of the garden. Pirèles, mint d'eau and iris decorate the water point animated by the comings and goings of goldfish. A corner of the lawn is intentionally left bare, reserved for games and other festivities.

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Color around the pool

The visit continues on the ground which leads to the swimming pool. Another space, another atmosphere. "I wanted to accompany the slope by creating massifs such as walls and an alternation of dishes and mounds. The low plants are installed at the edge while the center of the massif hosts a mixture of shrubs and perennials while playing on the heights. "The Japanese maple with very cut purple leaves stands out next to the perennial alchemins appreciated for their lime green hue which marvelously matches the gray tone of the perowskia. The large pink flowers of the anemones, the spurge or the horns highlight each other. Around the pool, the wooden framed massifs give way to color. Cornus and weigelia camouflage the somewhat too imposing wall, the spirea, the acanthus bring cheerfulness to the whole. Overhanging the terrace of the swimming pool the horned controversy thrones majestically. Japanese quince, roses and aurea elder stand along the west facade of the property.

Photo credit: DR Following the boxwood path, it is time to reach the porch, not without having admired the imposing Spanish pine for one last time, which seems to have watched over the house for centuries.

Photo credit: Thierry Rousseau Learn more: Laurence's garden was created by Emile Poirier, from the Alchemille company (387 Chemin du Petit Gleizé 69400 GLEIZE, 04 74 67 33 33). Plant sheets: Acanthus, anemone, boxwood, quince, maple, spurge, geranium, hydrangea, iris, water lily, spirea, weigelia.


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