The language of architecture of Andrea Simitch and Val Warke

The language of architecture of Andrea Simitch and Val Warke

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To understand architecture, you have to know what you're talking about. This is what prompted the architects Andrea Simitch and Val Warke to gather all their knowledge into 26 fundamental principles. In the midst of detailed and explained illustrations, the reader navigates through the key concepts of this discipline, while (re) discovering the greatest masters in the history of construction and design.

Understanding the design

Aimed at architects and students of architecture, this work is divided into 26 key concepts, in order to understand the design process step by step. To make the reading more fluid and more colorful, the book is enhanced with nearly 500 photos or plans, analyzed and commented. Added to this is the portrait of 17 architects among the biggest names in the discipline, including Le Corbusier, Zaha Hadid, Álvaro Siza, and even Shigeru Ban. Two great design specialists The authors are none other than two sizes in architecture, who decided to highlight their skills. Andrea Simitch is a teacher but also Director of the architecture department of Cornell University, one of the most renowned art establishments in the United States. A Harvard graduate, Val Warke is an associate professor at the same university and has already signed several essays on architectural design. Both are members of the Simitch + Warke Architects collaborative firm. The purpose of the book? Who better than the authors to explain it to us? "We hope to both arouse new passions for architecture and awaken old ones, but also to share our enthusiasm for some hangars worthy of interest as well as for sublime cathedrals: in short, to present the infinite poetry of architectural language. ". Released this month, The language of architecture is to be put in the hands of all those passionate about art, construction, and design. The language of architecture, by Andrea Simitch and Val Warke Editions Dunod, 224 29 euros