7 days and a swimming pool to change everything: the testimony of Elisabeth and Christophe

7 days and a swimming pool to change everything: the testimony of Elisabeth and Christophe

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Elisabeth, Christophe and their three children, Marion, 10, Audrey, 7 and Thomas, 15 welcomed the D&CO team. 7 days to change everything at home but above all to build a Waterair pool in their garden… Testimony of a happy family. The meeting between Piscines Waterair and the family of Elisabeth and Christophe was made thanks to the program A week to change everything . Christophe, Elisabeth and their three children live in Picardy, in two adjoining working-class houses dating from the 1920s. Christophe broke through the party wall to join the two houses, but the interior configuration makes daily life very difficult: you have to cross two rooms to pass from the living room to the kitchen. The houses are invaded by humidity - two rooms are deserted by the family - and the exteriors are neglected, lower priority than housing. Sensitive to this situation, a family member takes the initiative to contact the Valérie Damidot program and the file is retained. After visiting the premises, the D&CO team decides to redo everything: bring the two houses together to recreate the entire distribution of rooms and create a real garden that is a place of life for the family. The icing on the cake: the D&CO team wants to surprise the children and install a swimming pool. To carry out the project, Valérie and her team are looking for a swimming pool that can be installed in just 7 days and of course that creates a real decorative atmosphere. The choice of the Lola model with an integrated patio staircase was quickly made: its design and format are indeed perfect for integration into the wooden terrace which will line the parental bedroom and the veranda. After the technical and logistical exchanges, meet on the day the filming begins to install the pool. It is Elisabeth, the mother, who takes part in the first days of filming while the rest of her family is kept away from the major changes taking place. She takes part in the first works and explains: "I discovered the hole for the swimming pool in the garden: it was really a surprise, I did not expect at all to receive a swimming pool. I did not know how to assemble a swimming pool, it was the first time that I saw that. I am proud, I participated in the assembly of the panels of my swimming pool: I bolted with the technician who explained everything to me. It seemed very simple! of the discovery, we were very shocked to see the work that was done. I had seen a lot of broken things and it was very difficult to remember. It was at home, but it was no longer at home , everything had changed. The children were overjoyed when they discovered the swimming pool. " Christophe says that his family's life has really changed: "In the morning, when you get up, you take your eyes off it. In the evening, it is very pretty when everything is lit. The terrain is so much more pleasant, and with the swimming pool you have the impression of being on vacation even when you are not! It is the children who use it the most but we adults also take advantage of it a lot, more to relax. They play without What is crazy is when we tell the children to get out of the pool, they don't know what to do anymore: I tell them but before there was no pool !! How did you do it? " "The first summer, the girls spent so much time in the water that they had ear infections all summer," recalls Elisabeth. "It became a meeting place, the boyfriends and girlfriends came to play non-stop. Our whole family of course came to see our new house and took advantage of the garden." "It was an incredible experience, we had a lot of emotions. It's crazy to say but at the beginning it was stressful! Everything was new all of a sudden, we had to learn to use and maintain everything equipment that was installed. There were trying moments: before the show, we had to move everything, get rid of a lot of things. During the work, emotionally it is difficult to see the work. We are happy to see that the construction starts but at the same time the houses had no more roof, walls were knocked down, there was work everywhere! And after, there are still a lot of passages for photos for example and then he We had to rearrange everything to reclaim and recreate a whole daily life. We could never have offered all this to our children, we are extremely grateful to the D&CO team and all the partners, it really changes our lives.


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