The Use of Forms, an exhibition to discover at the Palais de Tokyo

The Use of Forms, an exhibition to discover at the Palais de Tokyo

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Until May 17, the exhibition The Use of Forms will be installed at the Palais de Tokyo. Designed in partnership with the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, this exhibition explores human ingenuity, on the one hand, and the unique link that seems to connect creators and their tools. Discovery.

The Use of Forms, a scenography by Robert Stadler

Imagined as a dialogue between artisans and artists, the exhibition brings together the crafts, design, plastic arts and architecture, in a scenography created by the designer and co-founder of the Radi Designer group, Robert Stadler. A follower of work on the border between art and design, Robert Stadler gave life to a space designed as a classification grid for exhibits, similar to a checkerboard.

From the factory to the tools, a journey between utility object and work of art

Crossing the eras, the course of the exhibition begins with a dive into the universe of the workshop. Within this factory, the tool is presented as an incarnation of History, as a symbol of the transmission of the practice associated with it.
The exhibition then discusses the concept of handling the tool, and highlights the technical side of the object. Like a prosthesis, the tool is comparable to an extension of the body, an instrument, which allows man to interact with his environment and thus to pass from the state of nature, to the state of culture.
The final of the exhibition is devoted to the double symbolic and utilitarian dimension of the tool: like the Compass of the Compagnons du Devoir, which has become the philosophical symbol of Freemasonry, or the Gallo-Roman dodecahedron, mysterious object divination cards, presented in this section. So many objects, originally considered as simple instruments, which have become, over the years, powerful symbols of humanity. Exhibition The Use of Forms, Craftsmen and Artists Palais de Tokyo - 13, avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris Until May 17, 2015 More info on


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